Village Enterprise Extend

We equip partners to end extreme poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Village Enterprise Extend uses a tailored approach to work closely with partners to adapt, adopt and implement our cost-effective, evidence-based Graduation model throughout Africa.

Together, our goal is to transform over 20 million lives by 2025.

Ending Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa

With over 400 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa living in extreme poverty— more than the number of extreme poor in all other regions combined— the most cost-effective and sustainable solutions to ending poverty must be identified and rapidly scaled.

We believe it is possible to equip millions with the resources to lift themselves out of poverty, but we cannot do it alone. After 10 years of providing technical assistance to partners focused on health, education, youth, conservation and gender equity, we are committed to collaborating with mission-aligned organizations and governments to achieve greater impact by scaling our full Graduation model throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Village Enterprise Model

Village Enterprise’s cost-effective, evidence-based Graduation program equips Africans living on less than $1.90 a day with the resources to create successful, sustainable businesses, permanently breaking the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families. The program is comprised of five essential interventions that provide participants with the tools and knowledge to start sustainable, income-generating businesses and savings groups. For more information about the model, please visit our ‘What We Do’ page.

Why Partner with Us?

We provide the toolkit and training so that partners can confidently adapt our cost-effective, evidence-based approach to alleviating poverty.


Proven by RCT evidence to be the most cost-effective Graduation approach in Sub-Saharan Africa

Regional Expertise

30 years of direct implementation experience exclusively in Sub-Saharan Africa

Adaptable Model

Over a decade of providing technical assistance tailored for organizations working to end extreme poverty

A Path to Scale

For 30+ years, Village Enterprise has worked to end extreme poverty in rural Sub-Saharan Africa through entrepreneurship and innovation. To date we have launched over 43,000 businesses, trained over 169,000 new business owners, and impacted the lives of nearly 940,000 individuals.

We will continue to directly implement and learn from our program in Kenya and Uganda, but recognize we can achieve greater scale and impact by transferring our expertise to mission-aligned partners interested in replicating our Graduation program in additional African countries.

Extending our reach and partners’ capacity through training and access to our Extend Toolkit, Village Enterprise Extend will:

  • Provide exponentially more individuals with the resources to lift themselves out of poverty
  • Facilitate lasting, multi-dimensional social impact by building partners’ capacity
  • Continuously improve the quality of the Graduation program based on lessons learned from direct implementation and from implementing partners

Proven Impact

Results from our recent large-scale, randomized controlled trial conducted by Innovations for Poverty Action indicate that our program is the most cost-effective Graduation program in Sub-Saharan Africa and led to increases in all poverty alleviation indicators evaluated: consumption, assets, savings, and income. Significant improvements were also found related to food security, nutrition, and subjective well-being, as well as enhanced standing of the women in the community.

In addition, this RCT found that the Village Enterprise program had more promising medium-term impacts on poverty reduction and subjective well-being than a cost-equivalent unconditional cash transfer.

Extend Partnerships

Addressing the complexities of extreme poverty requires adaptable and complementary approaches based on local and organizational needs. Through an Extend engagement, a partner’s sector-specific experience, community rapport, and on-the-ground infrastructure is coupled with Village Enterprise’s microenterprise development and financial inclusion expertise to achieve multiple benefits. Together we can achieve far more for the people we serve than individual organizations can achieve alone.

To learn more about working with Village Enterprise Extend as an implementing partner, or investing as a funding partner, please click through to our Partners Page or send us a message here.